Why most people who attend business seminars are wasting their time

“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.”

                                                                             ~ Paulo Coelho

If you are like me, I am sure you have been to plenty of seminars.  At the end of it you probably had pages of notes.

Sometimes an entire notebook fool of doodles when you got bored and good info when something interesting was said. marketing seminars

You got so many gems – so many things you can do in your business when you get home which will make you a lot more money.  So many, that you don’t know which ones to start with, but you’ll work that out after the event.

You then get home.  And maybe you decide to rest for a day and not look at the notes.  After all, it was a long event.

Then another day rolls around, and you have work.  Or some other commitments that prevent you from getting to those notes.

And then over the next few weeks, which turn into months, life just gets in the way.

Does that sound familiar?

You had the best of intentions with applying everything you learned, but you just got busy.

A year later, you stumble across those notes from that event, now covered in dust, and very little of what you wrote down even makes sense anymore.

I used to go through this all the time.

Until I figured out that it’s better to attend live events with the mentality that you’re looking for just 3 significant things.

It could be 3 powerful contacts / JV partners.

It could be 3 strategies that will have the biggest impact on your revenue.

It could be 3 ways to solve the single biggest challenge your company is facing right now.

Or a combination of all the above. marketing seminars

It has been awhile since I have attended a seminar and I don’t actually feel like going. As of late I have been really focused on learning from new online associates and new people I am meeting in the business.

One of the biggest factors or if not the biggest reason I attended seminars was to network.  Meeting people with different businessess, ideas, and work styles is invaluable.

But nonetheless, focus on 3 ideas to implement in your business and get it to the next level.  It’s impossible to bring the whole pharmacy home and get it to work.

Thank you for reading.

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Operation Money Suck

“Opportunity luck is why the rich are rich. Opportunity luck is a unique type of luck the rich create as a result of having good daily habits. When you have good daily habits, you magnify the opportunity for luck to occur.”

                                                                                                                           ~ Unknown

Here is a new concept for you“Operation Money Suck”, designed to help you focus all your time, energy, and attention on making the most amount of money possible from your marketplace.

The goal is to be the dominant player in your market, to take the biggest slice of the pie for yourself.

Legally, morally, and ethically of course.                       make money online now

There is a lot of money being spent by prospects and customers in your market.

The truth of the matter is that you are surrounded by competitors who may be more aggressive than you and are going after the same people you are trying to sell.

It’s a known fact that if you do not show them why they should spend it with you, then your competitors will.

Properly handled, your marketplace is your meal ticket for life. But you have to go after it. From a metaphoric perspective, your competitors are the enemy. They’re going after the same dollars that you want to attract.

There’s very little loyalty in the marketplace. No matter how much your customers like you and trust you, if you’re not connecting with them on a regular basis and making offers to them often, your customers will buy what they need from someone else.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making as much as you can from your market place.  It means you’re doing your job well, and that you’re providing value to your market. 

I recommend that you think about it very carefully. Here’s the basic formula.

To make the largest amount of money possible, all you have to do is sell and resell enough items, enough times, to enough people, for enough profit each time.make money online now

Commit that to memory. Hang it on your wall. Think it through. Visualize it. Internalize it. Really understand what that formula is all about. It’s as simple as it sounds.

And that’s what I have learned to be “Operation Money Suck” in a nutshell.

Thank you for reading.

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The Power of Positive Thinking and Hard Work Go Hand In Hand

“People don’t understand that when I grew up, I was never the most talented. I was never the biggest. I was never the fastest. I certainly was never the strongest. The only thing I had was my work ethic, and that’s been what has gotten me this far.”

                                                                             ~ Tiger Woods

Going against the “something for nothing” crowd, real success does actually require a lot of hard work. In my case, what I have achieved is far more due to working daily, than to intelligence, talent, natural ability, etc.

That doesn’t mean mean I don’t like my work – most top achieving entrepreneurs love their work – but it is usually hard work nonetheless.

Unfortunately, there’s this big movement being taught in success books that all you have to do is think positive thoughts and everything will come to you automatically. Wealth. Happiness. Sunshine. And Rainbows. Everything good in life.  making money online

Being generally optimistic is important.

In addition to having a positive attitude, you have got to work at it.  People will tell you to think positive and you’ll get positive results. This is true to a certain degree.  I most definately employ this idea in my work, But they forget to mention that along with a positive attitude you also need a solid work ethic.

It’s easy to understand why the “easy” message sells much better than the “work hard” one. Who doesn’t want to take the easiest path? We all do.

Henry David Thoreau once said,The cost of anything is measured by the amount of life you’re willing to exchange for it.”

Bottom line, if you want to be successful in your business, you have got to work at it. making money online

The people who have paid the largest price, in terms of the sacrifice, the commitment, the dedication, the hours they’ve put into their enterprises… those entrepreneurs are the people who are likely to ultimately experience the success they are seeking.

There’s a fascinating story about Bill Gates that I think illustrates this point.

He went to a Mercedes dealer to pick up a new Mercedes and one of the first things he told them was, “I want you to take the radio out of it.”

Puzzled as to why Bill Gates would want to remove the radio from his brand new car, they asked him why. He had them remove the radio simply because he didn’t want any distractions. While he would drive to and from his office, he wanted to stay focused on his work.

Now that is an extreme example, but it represents a man who was totally into his vision. He didn’t want anything to get in the way of his focus on his business goals.

Look, if you really want to make a lot of money, you can’t just have a positive attitude.

You’ll have to focus on and work hard in your business, just like Bill Gates. making money online

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln once put it, “Good things come to those who wait, but only what’s left over from those who hustle.”

It’s true. So get out there and hustle to make your business everything you want it to be.

Thank you for reading.

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Don’t Fire Your Boss Yet!

For an entrepreneur with ‘improbable’ and ‘impossible’ dreams, the alleged stability that comes from getting ‘a real job’ is nothing but a sign of slavery. ~Fabrizio Moreira.seth godin job

Normally people who wish to have their own business talk about their present job as if it is the worst thing in the world – a complete inconvenience where they get underpaid, overworked, their boss is greedy and taking home all the rewards.

Having had the experience of both… there are many positive aspects to having a job versus owning your own business.

For most people they ought to be thankful for their job, and thankful they don’t need to make a living by producing value in their own business (because the world would come tumbling down).

I’ve watched many people over the years talk about how much their job sucked.

Complaints about not being paid enough, made to work way too hard for too many hours, and talk about the day they were going to leave it all behind.

Finally they’d work up the courage to quit, show their resentment for the job in how they resigned (very short notice, with no thanks given), then proudly proclaim to everyone on Facebook that today was day they were free – today was the day they had ‘fired their boss’ and were going start a business and make their millions.

Fast forward 6 months, they’d be asking if their job was still available.

So before you quit your job and tell your boss to go to hell, lets discuss a few things.

First, most people quit their day job because of the time excuse; they feel they don’t have enough time to work on their business.

making money onlineI don’t really agree with this.  There’s always time.  It’s a matter of getting your priorities in order.  I would get up at 5am to get a blog post written before going to work.  I would post it and then when I got back, would followup by sending to directories and other sources.

All of us have 24 hours in the day – whether you’re Warren Buffet or a homeless beggar. It’s about priorities.

In order to start a business, you’ve got to move that business into one of your top three priority slots. The closer it is to THE most important thing in your life, the better you will usually do.

You should always be looking for opportunities during the day to accomplish useful work for your business.

This is what you need to think, “if I HAD to get this done given the time I currently have available, how would I do it?”  If there’s no choice but to get it done, amazingly somehow you’ll always find the time.

Using your job as a scapegoat holds no weight.  “I don’t have the time” is not valid anymore.  Find a way to get a few extra hours out of the day to do money producing activities in your business.

Which brings me to my next point…      making money online

Get sales coming in and replace part of your job income, before you go and quit.

It’s plain stupid to go quit a job and start a business when you haven’t even demonstrated to yourself you can get even a few customers.

Prove it to yourself first, by seeing whether people will actually pay you money for your idea or whatever you are selling.   All that matters is, has anyone actually handed you cash for it yet?

If not, you have to keep working on it.

It’s a good idea to wait till your business is almost matching the salary from your job, before you quit your job. Once you have a couple of good months where your business earned you at least 75 percent of what your regular job did, that’s a pretty good time to jump in with both feet.

And don’t quit your job because of one great customer.  Don’t get overexcited after finding your first hyper-responsive client and give up your existing income, because if something happens to that one person then you’ll have a problem.

I will admit, it has been hard for me. Many times I wanted to quit my job and dedicate 100% of my time to my online business.  I did not.  I just kept working and making my business a priority till one day the gates of prosperity opened up for me!

And here I am doing what I love to do and making money every day.

Thank you for reading.

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Extroverts Scroll On – Introverts Read This!

“You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” —Tony Robbins

If you identify yourself as an introvert, you might feel a little out of your comfort zone doing online marketing.

Just look around around, and everyone’s putting themselves out there on video, sharing their entire lives through Instagram stories, putting on webinars and branding themselves online. Some are even speaking on stage. 

Making the big bucks in this business seems to be something which comes much more naturally to extroverts.    online marketing

That does not have to be the case.  Plenty of introverts lead company’s and dominate their industries.

I myself am a definate introvert. I get my pal James to do videos for me and I run them.  He loves to do videos.

In the beginning, doing all this online marketing stuff was not something which came naturally to me.  In those first few years, I couldn’t even make a video without feeling way outside my comfort zone (so for those first few years I did zero video marketing). And that is still the case.

And as for speaking on stage – you can hold a gun to my head, and I still will not want to do it.  There is no way in hell I am ever going to get up on stage in front of large crowds of people – it just won’t happen. 

So I started with marketing channels I felt I could do more anonymously, where I could perfect my message.

Like email marketing.  Or writing blog post.

Out of all the people around me, I was one of the last to even get a Facebook account – and I only did it because I thought I could make money with it.

Those 3 channels were pretty much it for me.

I really admire the people who put themselves out there and do it! Our business is growing by leaps and bounds and we have to grow with it or be left behind.  Now talking about me, I am pushing myself every day to do what I have to do and the more I do, the more money I make and the more motivated I get.

For example, I started writing this morning at 5am.  Who the hell gets up to write at that time or much less has the inspiration at that time?

Now video marketing.  Where there is a will there is a way.  I do not like to get in front of a camera, so I pay my friend James to do it.  He does a fabulous job and he loves it. 

Now doing videos is pretty effortless.  I have to write up the material and the camera is a rolling! online marketing

What I am trying to tell you is that we have to keep up with the industry to get our message out there. Sometimes you have to think out of the box.  But it works.

If you don’t like doing videos… then use Camtasia and record your screen, and then just speak over the top of the footage and teach something.

If you don’t want to share too much of yourself on social media, then make all your content about other people and case studies. 

But either way, if you want to earn good money and build your business you’ve got to be willing to put your content and brand out there.

If you are going to be successful in the internet marketing world you have to get out there and do it!

Sounds like a comercial right?  But this is the honest truth.  Thank you for reading.

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Grow Your Hidden Asset – Your Mailing List

Remember this:  

“Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them.

~ Kevin Stirtz

If you have been in business for awhile now then you possess a certain hidden asset that can make you rich.

What am I talking about you ask. This hidden asset is also hidden from all your competitors. Once you understand and take advantage of its true value, you’ll enjoy an instant and unfair advantage in your marketplace.

Ok Billie, quit fooling around and get to the point. What hidden asset?

This hidden asset is your customer list.  profit with your email list

Think about your value to your customers, subscriber list, email list, whatever you want to call it. The more promotions you run , and the better your relationship with them is, and the more value will accrue to your list and vice versu.

Believe it or not, you are of value to your list because you are helping them solve a problem and better their lives. Honestly, that is what you are supposed to be doing as a marketer. 

America’s first billionaire, Andrew Carnegie, once said: “You can take away all my factories, all my machinery, all my equipment, all of my real estate, and leave me with my very best people—and I’ll have it all back in no time flat.”

That is a great quote, because you must firmly believe in the value of good people. However, I want to add an important distinction. I say: “Take away everything from me, but leave me my best people and my customer list, and I’ll have it all back in no time flat.”

That’s because a good customer list is your meal ticket for life. It can produce enormous lifetime sales and profits.

I have written this before on my blog that when I started in this business 6 years ago, I was scared to start a list because I did not know how.

It was not until I had a healthy list, 2 years later that my bank account started to grow. That is the truth.

This is the secret of success for every business. profit with your email list

The key to success and it does not matter what business you are in is getting customers to come back and do business with you as many times possible for as long as possible.

In order to do that you have to invite them to come back and do more business with you.

But listen, you always have to give them something of value.

You can’t just wait for them to come to you. It’s easy enough to be proactive.  I keep my mailing list on 2 autoresponders of which I feel AWEBER is the best do to their customer service. Believe me I contact them a lot.

Contact your list or lists on a regular basis. Don’t always be trying to sell them on something. Give them something that they will say thank you and they know you care. I do and I feel good doing it.

Every business claims they care about their customers, but what are you doing to prove it?

Building a good relationship is key. Show people you really care about them. That can be very easy to do if you have the systems and processes in place that let you do it.

Build and maintain strong relationships with subscribers on your list who have done business with you before. Make it easy for them to keep doing business with you, and you’ll leave your competitors eating your dust. It’s as simple as that.

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How To Work The Fastest, Easiest, and Safest Marketing System In Your Business

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

~ Seth Godin

Online Marketing 101

Billie here and it’s been a few days since my last post. I was getting sort of rusty but for me the good news is that I have been very busy helping marketers set up an online business and go baby! Go!

Today we’re going back to basics of online marketing.  I’m going to show you the fastest, easiest, and above all, safest marketing system I know of.

When you use it, it can guarantee the most sales and profits possible over the longest period of time.

This 3-step marketing system is so easy a child can understand it, and yet it’s likely that none of your competitors are using it.

Going back to basic online marketing.  I am going to discuss 3 hugely important basic steps.  It’s important to keep in mind that I’m assuming you have already identified your target market.

In order to succeed, you need to identify a reachable marketplace that wants and needs the products and services that you sell.

Once you have identified your market, here are the 3 steps:

  • Step 1:  Create a sales funnel that attracts a steady flow of the highest-quality leads possible.
  • Step 2:  Make those leads a strong offer to get them to make a small initial purchase.
  • Step 3:  Follow up relentlessly with your buyers to make them additional offers to do more business with you. online marketing basics

That’s it.  3 basic steps.  You just have to do them over and over again on a regular, consistent basis. Read them again carefully. Do they seem a little simple? Maybe oversimplified?

It’s because they are simple. But don’t think they’re too simple, because these 3 steps have generated millions upon millions of dollars in sales for people who have mastered their implementation.

When you master these 3 steps correctly and consistently, you end up with a very low-risk system. But it’s a proven money-making system. Best of all, when you do this the right way, most of your competitors simply will not be able to compete with you. You’ll have all the leads and customers you can handle.

Let’s Break Down Our Online Marketing Some More

In Step 1, you must start by proving to your prospects that your product or service is exactly what they’re looking for.  It is exactly what they need to solve a big problem they have.

The bigger the problem, the more money you can make solving it. This is how you attract a large number of leads.

Adding additional qualifiers – such as making them pay for shipping and handling or requiring them to provide their mailing address on your opt-in form – can increase the quality of your leads, but it will also lower the number of people who respond.

When you get this mixture right, you’ll get a steady stream of highly-qualified leads.

Step 2, you must prove to them beyond any doubt that the product or service you’re offering is worth far more in perceived value than the money you’re asking them for.

Give them a way to get started risk-free or even “better than risk-free” with an initial low-cost offer that protects them fully. You’ll want to test to find the best price, but in most cases, an offer that is between $39 and $99 seems to be the sweet spot for a lot of introductory offers made these days.

And finally,  Step 3, you go back to your new customers with additional offers that get them to buy from you again and again.

Depending on your exact model and the types of products and services you offer, you can begin making them big-ticket offers that really put the cash into your bank account.

Once you have the trust and respect of a new customer – assuming you have the products and services that justify a premium price – these new customers will gladly spend $1,000 … $5,000 … $10,000 … and even more.

Keep in mind that you should get used to the idea that you’re going to spend money to do this correctly.. Especially in the beginning when you’re running ads to attract new prospective customers.

Depending on your model, you could spend many times what it costs you to attract a new customer, knowing that you’ll make it up with your upsells.

What matters in the end is your ROI—return on investment, which boils down to how much you spend vs. how much you make in the long run.

That’s the only thing that’s important. online marketing basics

I hope all this makes sense to you and you once again go back to basics but remember being consistent is everything.

That’s It For Today..

I like to share pertinent content to all my readers.  I research and I pick and choose what I feel to be relevant and of interest to my readers.  I also let them know what I am doing and what works for me in the online marketing and sales world.

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This is Billie saying stay cool and stay focused.

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