Build Your Bridges and Build Your Business

Think of these business systems as bridges. Bridges that will provide a path for you to cross safely …to financial freedom. . . Let’s take a dentist. A dentist spends years in school learning to become a self-contained system. You, as the client, get a toothache. You go see your dentist. He fixes your tooth. You pay and go home. You’re happy and then tell all of your friends about your great dentist. In most cases, the dentist can do the entire job by himself. The problem is that if the dentist goes on vacation, so does his income. True business owners can go on vacation forever because they own a system, not a job. If the business owner is on vacation, the money still comes in.”

                                                                         ~ Robert Kiyosaki  marketing strategies

This quotes goes great with what I am currently living.  On Tuesday 5/29 I flew from San Francisco to Miami.  The flight from hell but that is another story.

What I want to lead up to is that even though I was in the air and totally disconnected from my world, my business continued to produce money and leads.

It is just a great feeling; to be able to travel whenever you feel like it and take your business with you.

So I’ll give you the blueprint for making this a reality.

It’s called the Smart Marketing Blueprint and you ought to print this off, and put it next to your computer. marketing strategies

Here it is:

  1. Give people what they want.
  2. Develop or sell products and services that appeal to your specific market.
  3. Make sure those items have the highest profits possible.
  4. Develop marketing systems that help you identify the right prospects and then communicate the right message to them.
  5. Reach and sell to those prospects fast and make the largest profits.
  6. Resell to your customers on a regular basis.
  7. Create sales messages that build strong bonds with your customers.
  8. Position yourself so you have unique selling position (even before you actually do!)
  9. Create offensive marketing strategies that let you control the selling process.
  10. Make specific offers to your customers on an ongoing basis.

Let’s take a closer look.

Number one is to give people what they want. Sounds easy enough, but I have seen marketers in love with a certain product that has lousy conversions but nonetheless they want to sell it and can’t understand why sales are strategies

Number Two on our list is to develop products and services that are appealing to a specific market. Again, it comes back to knowing and having an intimate understanding of your marketplace.  Most companies are doing “me too” kinds of things – they’re all following the follower. The more you’re aware of that, the more you’ll see it. There are exceptions, but those are the guys who are able to see what their clients really want. You need to become one of them to make the biggest profits.

Number Three is making sure those items have the largest profit margin possible. This is one of the main secrets behind the success of many affiliates.

Number Four is to develop marketing systems that identify the right prospects and communicate the right messages to them. A marketing system is simply a process that automatically attracts and resells customers again and again for you.

Number Five is that you’ve got strive to reach, and sell, to those people fast enough to make the largest profit you possibly can. Again, most businesses don’t have any real strategy for this part.

Ok, I have given 5 of the 10 I have on my list and you should jot down as well.

I will probably continue this post tomorrow unless Miami beach gets in the way.

Thank you for reading.

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Don’t Fire Your Boss Yet!

For an entrepreneur with ‘improbable’ and ‘impossible’ dreams, the alleged stability that comes from getting ‘a real job’ is nothing but a sign of slavery. ~Fabrizio Moreira.seth godin job

Normally people who wish to have their own business talk about their present job as if it is the worst thing in the world – a complete inconvenience where they get underpaid, overworked, their boss is greedy and taking home all the rewards.

Having had the experience of both… there are many positive aspects to having a job versus owning your own business.

For most people they ought to be thankful for their job, and thankful they don’t need to make a living by producing value in their own business (because the world would come tumbling down).

I’ve watched many people over the years talk about how much their job sucked.

Complaints about not being paid enough, made to work way too hard for too many hours, and talk about the day they were going to leave it all behind.

Finally they’d work up the courage to quit, show their resentment for the job in how they resigned (very short notice, with no thanks given), then proudly proclaim to everyone on Facebook that today was day they were free – today was the day they had ‘fired their boss’ and were going start a business and make their millions.

Fast forward 6 months, they’d be asking if their job was still available.

So before you quit your job and tell your boss to go to hell, lets discuss a few things.

First, most people quit their day job because of the time excuse; they feel they don’t have enough time to work on their business.

making money onlineI don’t really agree with this.  There’s always time.  It’s a matter of getting your priorities in order.  I would get up at 5am to get a blog post written before going to work.  I would post it and then when I got back, would followup by sending to directories and other sources.

All of us have 24 hours in the day – whether you’re Warren Buffet or a homeless beggar. It’s about priorities.

In order to start a business, you’ve got to move that business into one of your top three priority slots. The closer it is to THE most important thing in your life, the better you will usually do.

You should always be looking for opportunities during the day to accomplish useful work for your business.

This is what you need to think, “if I HAD to get this done given the time I currently have available, how would I do it?”  If there’s no choice but to get it done, amazingly somehow you’ll always find the time.

Using your job as a scapegoat holds no weight.  “I don’t have the time” is not valid anymore.  Find a way to get a few extra hours out of the day to do money producing activities in your business.

Which brings me to my next point…      making money online

Get sales coming in and replace part of your job income, before you go and quit.

It’s plain stupid to go quit a job and start a business when you haven’t even demonstrated to yourself you can get even a few customers.

Prove it to yourself first, by seeing whether people will actually pay you money for your idea or whatever you are selling.   All that matters is, has anyone actually handed you cash for it yet?

If not, you have to keep working on it.

It’s a good idea to wait till your business is almost matching the salary from your job, before you quit your job. Once you have a couple of good months where your business earned you at least 75 percent of what your regular job did, that’s a pretty good time to jump in with both feet.

And don’t quit your job because of one great customer.  Don’t get overexcited after finding your first hyper-responsive client and give up your existing income, because if something happens to that one person then you’ll have a problem.

I will admit, it has been hard for me. Many times I wanted to quit my job and dedicate 100% of my time to my online business.  I did not.  I just kept working and making my business a priority till one day the gates of prosperity opened up for me!

And here I am doing what I love to do and making money every day.

Thank you for reading.

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Extroverts Scroll On – Introverts Read This!

“You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” —Tony Robbins

If you identify yourself as an introvert, you might feel a little out of your comfort zone doing online marketing.

Just look around around, and everyone’s putting themselves out there on video, sharing their entire lives through Instagram stories, putting on webinars and branding themselves online. Some are even speaking on stage. 

Making the big bucks in this business seems to be something which comes much more naturally to extroverts.    online marketing

That does not have to be the case.  Plenty of introverts lead company’s and dominate their industries.

I myself am a definate introvert. I get my pal James to do videos for me and I run them.  He loves to do videos.

In the beginning, doing all this online marketing stuff was not something which came naturally to me.  In those first few years, I couldn’t even make a video without feeling way outside my comfort zone (so for those first few years I did zero video marketing). And that is still the case.

And as for speaking on stage – you can hold a gun to my head, and I still will not want to do it.  There is no way in hell I am ever going to get up on stage in front of large crowds of people – it just won’t happen. 

So I started with marketing channels I felt I could do more anonymously, where I could perfect my message.

Like email marketing.  Or writing blog post.

Out of all the people around me, I was one of the last to even get a Facebook account – and I only did it because I thought I could make money with it.

Those 3 channels were pretty much it for me.

I really admire the people who put themselves out there and do it! Our business is growing by leaps and bounds and we have to grow with it or be left behind.  Now talking about me, I am pushing myself every day to do what I have to do and the more I do, the more money I make and the more motivated I get.

For example, I started writing this morning at 5am.  Who the hell gets up to write at that time or much less has the inspiration at that time?

Now video marketing.  Where there is a will there is a way.  I do not like to get in front of a camera, so I pay my friend James to do it.  He does a fabulous job and he loves it. 

Now doing videos is pretty effortless.  I have to write up the material and the camera is a rolling! online marketing

What I am trying to tell you is that we have to keep up with the industry to get our message out there. Sometimes you have to think out of the box.  But it works.

If you don’t like doing videos… then use Camtasia and record your screen, and then just speak over the top of the footage and teach something.

If you don’t want to share too much of yourself on social media, then make all your content about other people and case studies. 

But either way, if you want to earn good money and build your business you’ve got to be willing to put your content and brand out there.

If you are going to be successful in the internet marketing world you have to get out there and do it!

Sounds like a comercial right?  But this is the honest truth.  Thank you for reading.

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Print These Off and Pin Them Up – The Only 3 Ways To Build Your Business

“Sustaining a successful business is a hell of a lot of work, and staying hungry is half the battle.”

~ Wendy Tan White

We Should keep one thing in mind and ponder it often. That business, despite us entrepreneurs doing everything we can to overcomplicate it, is actually quite simple.

If you can manage to get the correct ducks in a row, you will make a lot of money.

Ponder this, there’s really just 3 basic ways to build your business:

Get more first-time customers to find you.
Get your current customers to come back and spend more money.
Get your customers to spend more money each time they buy.
Nothing more to think about. Those are the 3 basic ways.

Get more new customers.

Do more business with your existing customers. And/or increase your average ticket size.

Whenever you get confused, go back to the basics.

Those 3 things are worth printing off in big letters, and pinning up in your office as a constant reminder.    build your business

We are all guilty of this, as a business owner we get stuck on the first method, constantly chasing after new customers, but never thinking about the other 2 methods of increasing sales.

Unfortunately, getting new customers is like pedaling a bike up a steep hill on a hot day. It’s tough, sweaty work, and you may have to get off the bicycle and walk it up the hill for a while. You have to do it, but it can be a real chore.

On the other hand, reselling to existing customers is like coasting down the opposite slope of that hill.

To be honest many business people including me, fail to realize that all the profits are in the last two business-building methods.

They’re not building long-term relationships with customers, and they’re certainly not making those people enough additional offers. Because of all that, they’re losing money that could be theirs. build your business

Food for thought. I hope you enjoyed reading my ideas about business.

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